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Jimmy Choo Designer Luxury & High-Grade Shoes

Jimmy Choo is the name of a shoe designer as well as a fashion brand that is popular with the production of luxury shoes. Its unique style and design make it famous among Hollywood celebrities. Jimmy Choo brand was founded by men of Chinese-Malaysian descent. The man, whose full name is Jimmy Chow Yeang Kiat, was born in Penang, Malaysia, on November 15, 1948. However, because there was an error in the name of the birth certificate so that his name became Jimmy Choo. Jimmy grew up in the middle of a family of shoemakers. Jimmy had always watched his father and mother make shoes. No wonder, if he could make his first shoes at the age of 11 years. Jimmy makes his shoes handmade using leather material that can absorb colors well. In addition to leather, he also uses other materials such as silk, shantung, and various precious stones. In terms of color selection, Jimmy is quite selective. He likes the colors of crystals, aqua, fuschia, and orange. Shoes made by Jimmy began to be known. In 1988 Jimmy Choo was covered by British fashion magazine Vogue. Jimmy shoes became internationally famous. Two years later, a cultural and fashion icon, Princess Diana "Princess of Wales" became a Jimmy Choo customer. Jimmy Choo shoes have become increasingly popular in the UK since then. Look Elegant with Jimmy Choo Pump Shoes Pump shoes with pointy models or tapered ends are one of the must-have fashion items. The classic model makes these shoes timeless and multifunctional. Therefore, there is no harm if you choose pump shoes with good quality materials and neutral colors. For example, pointy pump shoes with nude loafers from the famous shoe brand, Jimmy Choo. The sleek and elegant shape makes these shoes easy to combine with a variety of styles, ranging from professional, formal and even casual styles. The shoe named 'Agnes patent-leather pumps' is made of shiny leather and is equipped with 10 cm heels. For those of you who want to look elegant, wear these shoes with a mini canal combined with a camel colored coat. In order not to be too pale, choose a cheerful handbag like red, orange, blue or green. 'Agnes patent-leather pumps' can be obtained through the Net-a-Porter shopping site with a price range of US $ 495.

Reasons Why Christian Louboutin Launched Red-Soled Shoes

If you ask women about what shoes they want, the answer is likely to be red soled. Certainly not just any red soles but whose brand is Christian Louboutin. The famous shoe brand is indeed known to be exclusive and easily recognizable thanks to its red soles. Women who wear it will also appear luxurious instantly. But do you know why the designer chose to paint the bottom of his shoes with that color? The choice of red for the soles of Christian Louboutin shoes does have its own story. Reported by Marie Claire, the idea came when Christian Louboutin was still starting a career as a garden gardener. At that time, the French designer was inspired by the nail polish of his assistant. After looking at the nail polish, Christian stole it and began using it to paint a shoe whose soles were black. The 54-year-old man wants to see what it looks like if the sol is painted in red. After that, Christian immediately fell in love with the results. From that moment on, he produced all of his shoes with red soles. Of course now, Christian no longer paints the soles of his shoes with red color. Christian also recently launched nail polish similar to the soles that inspired the brand's iconic details. Named 'Rouge Louboutin', it is said that nail polish is exactly the same color as Christian Louboutin soles. This fact was revealed by the Christian Louboutin Rizzoli Book which was launched some time ago. In addition to that fact, other unique things were revealed about the father of two children. For example, about Christian who always designs shoes outside Paris. He usually looks for hot locations to design Summer collections and cool locations for Winter collections. He also appeared in a Chinese film called My Best Friend's Wedding.

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